BTS’s Jin Proves His Trust In Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Agreeing To A Risky Change To His “The Astronaut” Debut

It paid off in a major way!

BTS‘s Jin is currently serving his mandatory military service, but before he left for his 18-month service, he made sure plenty of content was prepared so ARMYs wouldn’t be too lonely without him.

(From left to right) BTS’s Suga, Jungkook. Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, RM, and V (in front with back to camera) | @BTS_twt/Twitter

One of those pre-filmed contents was a behind-the-scenes video of BTS Jin’s collaboration stage with Coldplay at their 2022-2023 MUSIC of the SPHERES World Tour concert in Argentina.

The famous British rock band, who has closely connected with BTS over the years, worked with Jin to release a special song for ARMYs before Jin’s enlistment.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

BTS Jin’s solo debut came just before his enlistment, and he revealed the song for the first time in front of 65,000 people at Coldplay’s concert.

To get to Argentina, Jin flew for a total of 36 hours to make the special stage happen for fans.


In a previously released BTS Episode on BTS’s official YouTube channel, Jin took ARMYs through his concert preparations, which hilariously consisted of playing video games, a mini-impromptu mukbang, and a casual hotel room karaoke to warm up his vocals.


The newest BTS Episode took ARMYs through the actual concert rehearsals, and despite having ten years of experience performing on stage, Jin felt nervous not having his six fellow members with him.

Coldplay warmly welcomed him on stage, with frontman Chris Martin thoughtfully greeting Jin in Korean and asking the translator how to say “thank you” in Korean as well.


The first rehearsals went well as Jin worked diligently with Coldplay to map out their performance. During the second rehearsal, Chris Martin suggested a change that completely changed how they would perform.

Martin suggested that they perform a stripped-down verse of the ending of the song with only their vocals and Martin’s guitar, without the backing track in his in-ear monitors.


Jin calmly rolled with the plan on stage, but backstage he showed how nervous he was about the sudden changes after their final rehearsal.



Performing without the backing track playing in in-ear monitors can risk the singer being unable to hear themselves over the sound of the audience and band.

Even with the last-minute changes, Jin’s “The Astronaut” debut performance earned praise from fans around the world. The stripped-down ending of the song made for a special moment between Martin and Jin, and it was a perfect global send-off through music for BTS’s oldest member.

Check out their magical live performance below!

Source: YouTube