Jin’s Handsome Face Has Its Own Bodyguard, And We All Love Him

Nobody protects Jin better than this “bodyguard”.

Jin‘s Worldwide Handsome face is a national treasure and, like all treasure, it needs to be protected.


Usually, Jin loves to show off his visuals, because who wouldn’t want to flaunt a face like this?


There was one time, however, when Jin needed his face covered, for health reasons. Back in 2016, BTS arrived at Gimpo Airport after a trip to Jeju. Dozens of brightly cameras awaited them, and Jin’s eyes were sensitive to the flashes that day.


Luckily, he had the best bodyguard ever to look after him: V!


V shielded Jin’s eyes with his hands and escorted him all the way to BTS’s vehicle.


Covering Jin’s eyes meant covering most of his face, so the world didn’t see much of Jin’s visuals that day. It’s okay though. ARMYs know that Jin’s health always comes first!