BTS’s Jin Proudly Showed Off His Vacation Outfit—And He Even Gave It A Name

Here’s what the others had to say.

There’s no doubt that BTS looks good in everything! From stage costumes for live performances…

…to luxurious attire for their music videos, they can pull off a variety of concepts.

And yes—even the more unique ones are right up their ally! During a live broadcast to celebrate “Butter” topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for five weeks, the members couldn’t help but point out Jin‘s “summer party” attire. The member in question proudly showed off his watercolor-inspired Louis Vuitton shirt.

This is my vacation outfit. It’s a set.

— Jin

RM joked that Jin is easily recognizable in these clothes. It would be easy for ARMYs to spot him when he’s wearing a beach-like shirt while out and about in the city!

If you run into him on the street, say ‘Hi.’

— RM

Continuing the joke, J-Hope and Jin revealed that the outfit even has a name.

J-Hope: Pool party, Seokjin!

Jin: I named it “Pool Party Seokjin.”

Jin promised to “show the full set someday” which includes a pair of cool sunglasses.


In the meantime, RM suggested recreating the bright clothes in Jin’s “favorite game,” MapleStory, instead. He agreed that the older member’s style definitely stands out, saying, “The one who shines brightest is next to me.”

If you want to copy Jin’s look, you’ll need $935 USD to buy his Louis Vuitton “Multicolor Watercolor Shirt.”

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Check out the full video below!

Source: Naver Live