BTS’s Jin Goes Viral For The Precious Way He Holds His Bags

Another one of his quirky habits!

BTS has just made their comeback with Proof. To kick off their long-awaited comeback, the boys performed to a special crowd of 4000 ARMYs at Music Bank. Fans couldn’t wait for their “on the way to work” shots! These shots are famous amongst fans as they get to see idols dressed down on their way to rehearsals.

Jin didn’t disappoint. He was dressed in a simple oversized T-shirt, jeans, and slides. His neon green bag added a pop of color to the otherwise muted outfit. But what caught the eye of fans was not the bag itself, but how Jin was holding it.

He had been holding his purse with two hands, looking extra demure and shy.

As his photos went viral on community sites, fans began to realize that he has long been holding his bags in a similar way. They found that he had the habit of holding things in the most precious way!

Jin holding his bag. | @cakeloveforjin/Twitter

No matter the size of his bag, he always holds the handle with two hands clasped close.

The pose makes him look extra shy and adorable!

Jin holding his bag. | @cakeloveforjin/Twitter

He even holds his briefcase in the same way!

Jin holding his bag. | @cakeloveforjin/Twitter

It is possible that he doesn’t know of this habit himself! In fact, the habit probably stems from his neutral stance which fans compare to a meercat.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Jin’s adorable habits go viral. Previously, the way he twirled his glasses before he puts them on sent fans crazy. He later admitted that he didn’t know that he did that.

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Source: theqoo