BTS Jin’s Vocal Coach Once Shared A Heartwarming Story That Showcases His True Personality

He never stopped working hard.

Kim Seung Eun is one of the most prominent vocal coaches in the K-Pop industry. She has trained countless artists, including the likes of BTS, Twice, and Kang Daniel.

Among the BTS members, Kim has worked with JinJungkook, and V. During an interview, she once shared an interesting episode about Jin that left quite an impression on her.

She trained Jin when he was a trainee at Bighit Entertainment (now Big Hit Music). Quite a while after his debut, she suddenly got a call from Jin one day at dawn. He had sent her a recording of a song he used to practice while training with Kim, asking her if he had improved his vocal skills.

Kim recalled that this gesture touched her sincerely.

I was so moved. He’s a member of BTS, which plays numerous gigs, but he still asked me, ‘Didn’t I improve a lot?’ Isn’t he lovely? He recorded a track as a gift for me.

—Kim Seun Eun, The Korea Times

Though fans already admire BTS for their hard work and humility, many argue that it is not possible to know exactly how the members are in real life since we can only perceive them through media. But stories like this from people who have worked in close proximity with the members testify that each BTS member has a genuinely good work ethic and character.

True Personalities

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