A Trained Vocal Coach Couldn’t Stop Praising BTS Jin’s Vocals, And Here’s Why

Can you blame him?

In BTS, there is no denying that all members are extremely talented, whether in their vocal, rap, or dancing ability. Recently, it seems as if one member, in particular, has been gaining attention for their stunning vocals, and it is the oldest member, Jin!

BTS’s Jin | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/ Twitter

Recently, vocal coach Tian García watched a live version of BTS’s track “Crystal snow.” From the very beginning, it was clear that he was in awe of the performance. Yet, there was one part that stuck out the most. While Jungkook was singing, there was a high note in the back that shocked him!

It was so surprising for him that he actually had to rewind the clip to see if what he was hearing was correct and then exclaimed, “Who sang that?” 

Of course, there was no denying how amazing the note was, but it seems as if he needed to hear it more just to fully grasp what he was listening to. After replaying it several times, he was shocked to hear that the top note on Jin’s part was actually an E flat 5, adding, “Oh my god!”

After hearing it, García went through the comments in search of which member had sung the note and was met with a huge number of comments praising Jin for his part in the song.

When he’d read some of the comments, he explained just how impressed he was with Jin’s vocal ability and couldn’t praise him enough.

Jin! Wow! My respect for Jin. My respect for Jin, because he was the one who did that. The hero of this song was, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, “The Matches” is one of the few singers who really can sing these kind of notes live, and Jin is doing it!

— Tian García

However, it isn’t the only time that Jin has been praised for his stunning vocals, and it isn’t just from ARMYs! Last month, after their performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he caught the attention of music director James Osorio.

| The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/ YouTube

On top of that, the Creative Director of the Ly-Tour, Kevin Kim, also shared his praise for Jin’s vocals on several occasions after he caught the attention of fans worldwide.

Since Jin sang Epiphany countless times from the LY Tour, his singing ability was perfect, and in the middle break part, his facial expressions were very natural walking up the stairs and standing at the top.

— Kevin Kim

There is no denying that Jin’s vocals are pure magic and, whenever he steps onto a stage, he can capture the attention of fans with his beautiful tone. It is also great to see more people noticing his voice, and realizing just how special it is!

You can watch the whole clip below!

Source: Tian Garcia