BTS’s “Angel” Jin Got Devilishly Savage With ARMY…Again

This “angel” showed his savage side.

BTS‘s Jin has a devilish wit, and once again, he’s using it to tease ARMY!

Whenever Jin replies to fans on Weverse, he either clowns them or charms them (usually while clowning them). ARMYs often compare Jin’s visuals and personality to angels, and he replies to these comments in the funniest ways.

Hul…Oppa, are you okay?? Didn’t it hurt??!! An angel fell from heaven…

— Fan

I’m not dead yet, why are you sending me to heaven?

— Jin

For instance, when a fan found Jin’s wings, he told them to give them back!

Seokjin, I found your wings

— Fan

??? give it back

— Jin

Recently, Jin went on a Weverse posting spree. During it, one ARMY wrote, “If I can be with oppa, I’d even go to hell…”

Angel Jin wasn’t about to board that train. He’s going to heaven, solo! 

I’m an angel, so I’m going to heaven.

— Jin

A fan, however, brought up something Jin needs to repent for: stealing ARMY’s hearts. “Kim Seokjin stole ARMYs’ hearts,” they wrote. “so he’s going to hell.”

Nice try! Jin promised to change his ways. “Then I’ll stop stealing them!” he said.

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