BTS’s Jin Keeps Teasing ARMYs And They Can’t Get Enough Of It

He’s going wild on Weverse.

Let’s face it. If Jin‘s not sassy, he’s not Jin. Fans love his playful sense of humor, even when they’re the ones getting teased!


Right now, BTS is taking a well-earned break, but the members are still keeping in touch with fans by tweeting, making unexpected appearances, and commenting on the BTS x ARMY fan community, BTS Weverse. Lately, Jin has been one of the most active members on Weverse. Many of his punny posts poke fun at fans, his members, and even himself.


In this post, Jin calls his (very real) muscles “Photoshopped”.

Fan: Seokjin-ah~ It’s here here~!
Reeeeaaally love you~

Jin: That’s photoshopped



In another post, Jin shot down a fan’s dream of being RM‘s student. The ARMY wrote, “If only I had an English teacher…like Namjoon…I…could possibly go overseas…”.  


Jin replied with: “What if you go somewhere that doesn’t speak English?”. Touché!


Jin also teased a Jimin stan who’s been missing their bias. “I need to see Jimin in real life at least once every six months,” the fan said. “I haven’t seen him in many months..I want to see him soon…”


“But I see him every day,” Jin replied.


Let’s not forget the a funny, but totally unhelpful comment Jin left for an ARMY who asked for help math help. “Please, help a Konkuk University student out,” wrote the fan. Jin reminded them that he attended the same school, but for acting.

Liberal arts major..

— Jin


All in all, we hope Jin will go wilding on Weverse more often!


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