Check Out What Happened To This ARMY’s Phone When BTS’s Jin Replied To Her On Weverse

“The phone froze for 15 minutes…”

In a recent YouTube video upload, one lucky ARMY shared the rare experience of receiving a reply from BTS on Weverse.


This ARMY shared in the description, “A couple of months ago, I came home from work and posted something on Weverse.”

I was playing BTS World on my other cellphone when my friend reached out to me asking if I’m ID —- on Weverse. My friend screamed that a BTS member had replied to my post.

— YouTuber @RangPD


When she tried to check, she couldn’t believe what was happening to her phone! This ARMY, awed by the experience of it all, decided to capture the moment of “BTS blowing up her phone”.

I couldn’t believe it, so I hung up and checked the phone. I was getting an insane amount of comments. The phone froze for 15 minutes. The video was actually taken a little while after the phone unfroze and the initial craze passed.

— YouTuber @RangPD


She added it was Jin who replied to her post. She wanted to “share this most unbelievable experience” with other ARMYs — who look forward to living the same dream one day too!

I wanted to share this most unbelievable experience. 💜 It was the Weverse full-timer member who left me the comment!

— YouTuber @RangPD


Here’s the visual: