BTS Jin’s Meme Game Is Strong In His Weverse Response To V’s Curly Hair

Prince Song, is that you…?

During BTS‘s latest Magic Shop fan meeting in Osaka, Japan…


V graced the stage in by far the curliest and cutest hairstyle he has ever pulled!


And ARMYs went wild over it on Weverse.

Taehyung-oppa T-T You’re so, so cute T-T

— Whipped ARMY


When Jin, the King of Sassy Weverse Responses, found this post UWU-ing over poodle-V — he knew exactly what to say.

Back in the days, a character by the name of Goo Joon Pyo was very popular.

— Jin


Referring to the visual of actor Lee Min Ho‘s role of the rich and handsome Goo Joon Pyo on Boys Over Flowers, Jin continued to comment on V’s hair.

Back then, if you didn’t know who Goo Joon Pyo was, you would have been reported for being a spy.

— Jin


And ARMYs are cackling at how he ended this string of reactions, in the most millennial, meme-perfect, Weverse-Jin kind of way:


— Jin


ICYMI, this is the very “Yeah!” meme from Boys Over Flowers to which Jin is referring. Needless to explain, if you’ve seen the show, you can hear this picture:


Stemming from the infamous “Prince Song” scene, this meme still owns the internet…


… and so of course Jin knows it — and how to use it like he means it.

Source: THEQOO