ARMY’s Ready To End The Universe For Jimin, But Jin’s Not Having It

He had the most leJINdary response to a fan’s problematic plans.

If ARMY can count on anyone to keep them grounded, it’s BTS‘s Jin!

Jin loves to roast fans, and he isn’t afraid to slap them with cold, hard reality either. It’s one of the many reasons why ARMY loves him so much!

On March 26, Jimin hosted a surprise broadcast with RM (and his new hair). In it, he talked about his ultimate dream, his “Friends” duet with V, and more.

After the broadcast, a fan shared this screenshot of Jimin on Weverse. His cuteness was too much for them to handle! Caption: “Wow..Jiminie’s facial expression. Smash the Earth, no, smash the universe.” 

Smash the universe for Jimin? That is a terrible plan! Jin wrote back, “If you smash it, where am I going to live?” 

“Seokjinnie should live on the Mooooooon~~~,” a fan replied, referencing Jin’s solo song “Moon”. “since you are the moon.” 

Jin then reminded ARMY that he can’t live on the moon if the entire universe is blown to bits. “If you smash the universe, the moon is crushed too,” he wrote.

“Seokjin-oppa, the universe can’t be smashed,” a scientifically-minded fan reassured him. “just like air can’t be grabbed with your hands, you know that don’t you? And besides, oppa is in ARMYs’ hearts hehe.” 

Jin’s reply? “Perhaps you majored in science?” 

Watch the broadcast that started it all here: