BTS Jin’s Wise Words Of Wisdom Turned Into Pure Comedy — Thanks V And Suga

V and Suga’s witty comebacks had them laughing.

When BTS‘s Jin tapped into his serious side to share wise words with fans, V and Suga crashed the party with humorous comebacks that had them cracking up.


After Z100 New York‘s radio host asked the group to comfort fans looking forward to future in-person concerts, Jin knew the right words to say. Before he could finish, RM was already chuckling.

He pulled out a trusty proverb and said, “We have a saying in Korea that ‘the planet is round, so if you keep walking, then you will eventually get there.’ We plan on putting this into action once COVID-19 (coronavirus) lifts, so we hope you keep it in mind.

V quickly rose in his seat and placed a hand on Jin’s shoulder. He made Jin laugh when responding, “Only Jin is going to walk.

Suga continued the playful vibe. He added, “I’m taking an airplane.” RM burst into laughter before agreeing, “I love airplanes.

Despite V and Suga’s lovable bickering, they make a hilarious pair.

V and Suga.

Watch Jin’s wise words for ARMY end in laughter.


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