BTS’s Jin Had The Wittiest Response To An ARMY Calling Him A “Liar” For His Bare Face

The epitome of beauty has spoken 😂

BTS‘s Jin is the complete package—handsome, funny, and confident. In a single exchange with an ARMY on Weverse, he proved himself to be just that!

The ARMY called Jin a “liar” on Weverse because of his handsome, bare faced visuals.

You’re liar-Jin, you are so handsome like this without makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He hilariously replied that he wasn’t bare faced. Rather, he was actually wearing makeup…makeup called “handsome”!

The thing about Jin is that his confidence is 100% well-deserved.

Just look at that face. How could you not agree with him?

From the top of his head to the tips of his toes, every single feature of his is beautiful.

It’s difficult to disagree with him, and just one look at his many pictures should make you see why.

This guy isn’t “Worldwide Handsome” for no reason!

He’s simply the epitome of good looking, both with and without makeup.

It’s just one more reason to stan him!


Source: @choi_bts2


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