BTS Jungkook’s 90s Pop Star Transformation Sends Fans Into Frenzy

“Jeon Jungkook OMG?????”

From the world of K-Pop emerges another viral sensation, and as usual, BTS‘s Jungkook is right in the midst of it. Once again, the global superstar is taking social media by storm, this time by channeling his inner 90s pop star. With seven freshly dropped BTS official account photos, Jungkook stuns in the behind-the-scenes snapshots from his chart-topping single, “Seven.”


Within hours of their release, popular Korean community site TheQoo was flooded with the images, racking up hundreds of comments and over 15,000 views. Meanwhile, Twitter was ablaze with hashtags, fan posts, and retweets, revealing the awe of millions of ARMYs around the world.

His newly adopted sexy, laid-back look has certainly struck a chord with fans, unleashing an outpour of love and admiration for the BTS heartthrob.

The first of these viral snapshots captures Jungkook’s alluring messy curls, framing his handsome face. Dressed in a retro vintage leather racing jacket from EYTYS, the BTS main vocalist oozes a sporty-cool aura.

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

The ‘Tempo’ jacket, brushed to vintage perfection, features pristine leather appliqué, embroidered padding, embossed details, and handy zip pockets. It also has gusseted sleeve zips with lengthy leather pull-straps. Fully lined and finished with a seasonal EYTYS puller, this jacket only accentuates Jungkook’s charismatic appeal.


Next, Jungkook stuns in a laid-back outfit from the music video. He flaunts a simple white tank top, paired with a grey zip-up hoodie. The look is completed with a thin silver chain delicately adorning his neck and a sexy lip ring, which adds an edge to his otherwise casual ensemble.

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

And finally, in the third viral image, Jungkook’s intense gaze towards the camera has fans swooning worldwide. Wearing another stylish leather jacket, Jungkook continues to amp up his 90s pop star vibe. His provocative visuals are only accentuated by the jacket, making the fans fall head over heels for him once again.

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Jungkook’s visual transformation has indeed stirred up a storm. With these viral images and the success of his single “Seven,” Jungkook continues to prove his influence as a global music icon and style influencer. His venture into 90s pop-star aesthetics is more than well received by the fans, showing everyone that Jungkook can indeed pull off any look.

While fans continue to enjoy his chart-topping single, they also look forward to more style inspirations from Jungkook and his BTS bandmates. After all, there’s never a dull moment in the world of BTS, and we’re here for every bit of it!

Source: TheQoo


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