BTS’s Jungkook Bared His Abs And More During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” And We’re Not Ready

Excuse me, fine sir.

BTS has just successfully finished a round of concerts in Los Angeles with their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE tour. They played to a rousing crowd of 70,000 seats per day, with a total of 4 dates. Jungkook surprised fans with his toned body as he was dressed in a slightly cropped shirt.

Not only was his shirt deep cut, he was also given a body chain. Paired with his eyebrow and lip piercings, he looked like the main character in a bad boy AU.

The stylist took things a step further with wrist and hand jewelry which only served to make him look even hotter!

Can we be that water bottle?

The hand jewelry made his tattoos stand out even more while the choreography teased fans by lifting his shirt.

A true masterpiece.

He even took off his shirt while making his way backstage.

Check out a compilation of his sexist moments during the concert.

We definitely weren’t ready for that! Are you guys still alive?