BTS’s Jungkook Acted Cool — Even Though His Embarrassing Moment Was Funnily Caught On Camera

His moment is such a Jungkook thing for him to do, too — how adorable.

It’s always delightful for the fans to see every time their favorite K-Pop idol’s embarrassing moments are caught on camera.

Worldwide superstar BTS is not immune to this, too, with Suga momentarily forgetting that he could speak Korean and trying to speak English…

…and accidentally spilling juice all over Jungkook and playfully maneuvering the situation to work on his advantage instead.

Of course, the group’s maknae isn’t resistant to this adorable trend of BTS’s most embarrassing moments — but in his case, he tried to play it off as coolly as possible.

It all started when Jungkook was asked about his opinion of BTS’s as a group. He initially said that they are “a team”…

…and added that “also, a family too”.

This isn’t surprising since the members have been known to treat each other as family, instead of just professional colleagues or friends.

Jungkook took his opinion of BTS to the new level when he added that he considers BTS as a “driving force” in his personal life, too.

Perhaps it’s because BTS inspired him to go beyond what’s expected of him and to step outside his comfort zone and seek growth, right?

Furthermore, in his next statement, Jungkook explained further by saying that “all of these…

“…mesh together…”

Mesh together, what, you may ask? Well, we actually may not know what Jungkook really wanted to say, because he sighed, looked down…

…and felt shy because he forgot what he was going to say — and he was about to say something amazing, too!

Jungkook started off strong and ended his statement…a bit unexpectedly, but he still looked calm and composed during the whole ordeal because he didn’t lose his cool — which is definitely the opposite of what happened in the next article below:

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