An ARMY Accidentally Misspells BTS Jungkook’s Name And He Had The Perfect Response

The best boy!

What would you do if you ever misspelled your bias’ name? What if, even worse, your bias caught you in the act? This unfortunate circumstance fell on a poor international ARMY when they tried to get BTS Jungkook‘s attention during an Instagram Q&A.

BTS’s Jungkook. | HYBE

Jungkook had been slated for release from quarantine that day after being cured of COVID-19. To stave off his boredom, he interacted with fans more than ever through social media. Everyone clamored for a reply as they spammed his inbox. This lucky fan managed to get his attention by simply calling his name. Unfortunately for them, they spelled it wrong.



Jungkook’s reply to a fan. | @jungkook.97/Instagram

Thankfully, Jungkook handled it most perfectly! He wittily sang a line from singer Kim Jong Kook’s “Loveable.”

He treated fans to his lovely vocals, but he also made sure the fan who misspelled his name would not feel bad with a joke. Other fans also found the situation hilarious.

Will we ever get to see a collaboration between the two Kooks? The two have interacted before on an episode of Running Man.

Kim Jong Kook and Jungkook on Running Man. | SBS

The Korean language sure is complicated. Props to the fan for trying their best to communicate with their bias!