BTS’s Jungkook “Challenges” An ARMY’s Marriage Proposal, But Has A Completely Different Reaction When RM Asks The Same Question

Jungkook switched up his response when RM joined the chat 😂

BTS‘s Jungkook surprised ARMYs with an unforgettable overnight live stream that lasted over four hours.

BTS’s Jungkook during his February 2023 Weverse Live | @btslsedits/Twitter

In that time, Jungkook made history with fellow maknae-line member V, sang over 30 songs while taking fan requests, gave fans a sweet update on his beloved Doberman, Bam (also known as Bahm), and much more.

The BTS members have often connected with fans via live broadcasts, and the often unfiltered avenue of connecting with fans leads to many unpredictable, chaotic, and hilarious moments.

During a live broadcast in 2018, an ARMY asked BTS’s Suga to marry them, to which he iconically responded by telling them to “bring the documents.”

Since then, “Yoongi marry me” has continued to pop up in nearly every space BTS has occupied, whether virtual or in-person.

Jungkook hilariously pointed out that he wasn’t seeing the typical “Yoongi marry me” comments in his live stream chat, which didn’t last long after he mentioned it.

This time though, Jungkook was on the receiving end of the question as a lucky ARMY asked the maknae to marry them.

Instead of saying no, Jungkook seemingly asked if they were up for the challenge while stating he’s “not an easy person to handle.

While the answer had some ARMYs swooning, others couldn’t help but notice the difference in his reply when BTS’s leader RM briefly joined the chat and asked the same question.

While Jungkook was in the middle of singing karaoke, RM jokingly commented, “jk marry me.

| @sugatradamus/Twitter

When Jungkook finished his song and realized RM had been there, he quickly caught up on the messages he had missed from his hyung and melted when he read, “jk marry me.”

Instead of giving a cheeky reply, he giggled and sent finger hearts to RM, showing a hilariously opposite response from his other proposal reaction.

Jk marry me” wasn’t RM’s only drunken message to Jungkook. Check out his other comments and Jungkook’s reactions in the article below!

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