A Drunk BTS Member Wanders Into Jungkook’s Livestream And Things Get Chaotic

He was shook!

BTS‘s Jungkook just held an all-nighter livestream where he stayed up with ARMY and talked about everything from his tattoos to his recent plans.

It didn’t take long for other members to get curious about what he was doing in the middle of the night! RM quickly wandered into the chat, speaking in a cute tone and asking Jungkook questions.

What are you doing? *cutely*


— RM

At first, Jungkook didn’t notice and continued to sing his karaoke session.

RM continued to ramble about everything from his hair to even a marriage proposal!

I need to cut my hair

jk marry me


— RM

RM admitted he was a little drunk and urged for everyone to get some sleep…

…but little did he know that Jungkook would continue to stream until almost 6 in the morning!

Deungkookah *cute way of saying Jungkook*

I love youuu

Let’s always be happy

I said I love you, rascal

— RM

I’m going to sleep


Hit me up


— RM

When Jungkook finally realized RM had entered, he was totally shook.

Huh? Namjoonie hyung was here? He came and left? Damn…

— Jungkook

Nothing was cuter than Jungkook’s reaction to realizing he had missed RM!

However, he swiftly came back to the chat to talk for a little. Check out what else happened in the livestream below.

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