Jungkook’s Beatboxing Is Triggering Flashbacks Of This Hilarious Moment

It brought back a legendary moment from 2015.

Get ready to travel back in time, Jungkook-style!


On August 23, BangtanTV released a new behind the scenes video from BTS‘s Saturday Night Live performance. This montage includes a backstage visit with host Emma Stone, rehearsals, and plenty of funny moments.


While practicing with BTS’s band, GhostJungkook beatboxed Usher‘s song “Yeah”.


When some ARMYs heard this, they were transported back in time to BTS’s 2015 appearance on Simply K-Pop. On the show, Jungkook was asked to use his whole body to express what it felt like to be an adult. He had turned 18 (20 Korean age) on September 1 that year.


As soon as J-Hope began beatboxing “Yeah”…


…Jungkook switched to “pervert uncle at a party” mode!


Apparently this


…is what it feels like to be 20!


Relive the whole moment (with beatboxing!) here: