BTS’s Jungkook Reveals His Biggest Regrets From Recording “Dynamite”

Jungkook is quite humble!

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, BTS‘s Jungkook spoke about his regrets from recording their song “Dynamite.”

BTS’s Jungkook

Jungkook was asked about how he sang the intro for their song “Butter,” and he shared that the song “just feels so good.” Jungkook also humbly spoke about how he believes that he can always do better!

Q: You were the one to set the mood for ‘Butter’ by singing the intro to the song. Didn’t that make you feel good? You were definitely as amazing as the team itself. (laughs)

Jungkook: ‘Butter’ just feels so good. It’s different from our usual style, so it felt different while recording. The song’s great, too. I love that, but it’s separate from that feeling of pressure. I mean, I hope BTS does even better, honestly. Lately, I’ve been thinking that that pressure means I need to do better. After ‘Dynamite’ became number one on the Billboard Hot 100, it’s not like we’re being forced to try harder; it’s just my personal ambition. I think I can do better.


Jungkook was then asked why he didn’t find “Dynamite” as satisfying, and he shared that it’s because he couldn’t express things the way he wanted to. Since Jungkook wasn’t satisfied, he constantly practiced singing!

Q: Why do you think ‘Dynamite’ wasn’t as satisfying?

Jungkook: Because I couldn’t express everything I wanted the way I wanted to. When I listen to the remixes, I think about how I could’ve sung it differently. Like, ‘Aw, man! If only I could do it again!’ (laughs) I got some things from singing ‘Dynamite,’ like, I’m not quite there yet. So I try to practice singing at least an hour every day, no matter what. Any singer who’s been at number one on Billboard for six weeks had better be really good at singing. That’s what I think.


While Jungkook might have felt this way, ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) felt that he and all the other members were amazing in “Dynamite!”

Source: Weverse Magazine