Here’s What BTS Had To Say When Jungkook Emerged With His Sleek, Blonde Hairstyle

They wouldn’t let him live. 😂

According to ARMYs, Jungkook can pull off any look he tries. However, the BTS members may have other ideas in mind!

During a photoshoot, the members dressed up as office workers for a polished, handsome concept. Clearly, they killed it!

However, Jungkook pointed out that since they’re supposed to be new office recruits, it’s hilarious that three out of the four members in the scene all have dyed hair!

Jimin defended his hairstyle in the funniest way, calling out Jungkook for his long, flowing style.

Hey, at least ours is short and neat. Yours is flowing down!

— Jimin

Suga and Jimin were instantly reminded of a few dog breeds that may come to mind when looking at Jungkook’s new ‘do.

Are you a Sapsali? You look like a Golden Retriever right now.

— Suga

Suga’s right: Jungkook’s long, platinum blonde hair could almost resemble the ears of a Sapsali dog…

…or even the ears of a Golden Retriever!

The results are in: The resemblance is uncanny!

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Source: Weverse