These Poses By BTS’s Jungkook Crown Him K-Pop’s Best “Ending Fairy”

He’s winning the ending pose game.

The term “엔딩요정 (Ending Fairy)” is used to describe that one member whose final pose at the end of a performance often completely enchants the camera and takes the spotlight. Each K-Pop group, for each track promotion, has a different ending fairy that simply leaves the audience breathless. As for BTS and their “Boy With Luv” performances, Jungkook the Golden Maknae is most definitely the ending fairy.


Jungkook has always wowed fans on stage with his incredible presence. For “Boy With Luv” performances, however, his final pose is so mesmerizing to watch – especially since Jungkook is the only one turning around. And Jungkook knows exactly how to work the camera too, with the pose being slightly different each time! Here’s a classic “Jungkook Ending” to kick off this adventure…


Sometimes, Jungkook tempts the fans to follow him into his eternal fandom. Who could possibly say no? ARMYs would follow this ending fairy straight into the abyss.


Other times, Jungkook is a little more bold and daring. For this ending pose, he winked at the camera and stopped a million ARMY hearts, just like that. Fans can’t quite grasp how Jungkook manages to look this refreshingly charming, after an intense performance.


When Jungkook is really in the zone and feeling the groove, he will rock out his ending pose like this. That under lip bite is sure to have made ARMYs scream in adoration! It’s obvious; Jungkook is all too well aware of how sexy he looks in this ending pose angle.


And then there are days when Jungkook is completely running wild. On days like that, Jungkook pulls a pout and blows kisses. Can ARMYs survive this kind of visual explosion? Most likely not! Who’s still breathing?


Jungkook’s signature “Ending Pose” captivated the house at the 2019 BBMAs as well. With Halsey on his side, this ending moment is nothing less of pure perfection. Look how the magic has charmed the international audience as well! Everyone loves a good ending fairy.


Jungkook was, is, and always will be a joy to see on stage, but this “Boy With Luv” era is really working in his favor. It is truly exciting for the fans to see Jungkook have fun with all the spotlight too! He very well deserves to be crowned K-Pop’s new and favorite “Ending Fairy”.

Source: Nate Pann