BTS’s Jungkook Breaks His Own Rule During Weverse Live

The jokes were actually true…

On May 25, KST, BTS‘s Jungkook returned to Weverse to host a night livestream, giving fans a pleasant surprise.

The BTS maknae was holding livestreams quite frequently for the past few months, where he spent hours hanging out with ARMYs. Some of them had chaotic moments, like when he once fell asleep with the livestream still on or the other time when he updated fans passionately about his pet dog Bam’s pooping habits.

But for the most part, Jungkook spent his livestreams singing his favorite tracks at random. While fans were grateful for getting “free concerts” from him every now and then, they also joked about how his neighbors might feel hearing him sing at the top of his voice late at night.

After almost a month of going off the radar, Jungkook finally came back with his entertaining livestream on Weverse recently. This time too, he had his karaoke mic in hand, ready to bless the viewers’ ears with some new covers. But then he revealed that he couldn’t be singing too loudly during livestreams anymore.

It turns out ARMYs’ jokes about Jungkook’s neighbors filing noise complaints were partially true. He shared that he received a complaint from someone regarding his night karaoke sessions. However, this person apparently couldn’t hear the sound of his singing but could feel the vibrations. After receiving the complaint, Jungkook said he apologized to the person and stopped singing loudly at night. He even makes sure to turn the volume of his mic down.

Fans are endeared by Jungkook’s polite response to the complaints and are having a field day cracking jokes about what they would have done if they were in the shoes of his neighbors.

But only a few minutes later, he started belting out some impressive renditions of popular songs, which made fans crack up even harder.

Jungkook, the law-abiding good boy, breaking the rules to entertain ARMYs…now that’s a love language they won’t teach you about.


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