How BTS’s Jungkook Brought An Unknown Korean Fashion Label Into Stardom

From under 800 followers to being invited to Seoul Fashion Week.

After showing support for TEAZEN, a health drink brand, causing its sales to skyrocket and even be sold out temporarily, BTS‘s Jungkook helped yet another small, home-grown business increase its recognition and sales.

He featured a local designer brand’s outfit on a live stream, and fans quickly searched for his outfit after the live show.

| @jksfleur/Twitter

They sourced the outfit to be from F8ke Chemical Club, a Seoul and New York-based brand by Park Jeong Eun.

| @jksfleur/Twitter

The brand initially had a mere 759 followers, but quickly shot up following the revelation.

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Thanks to the fervent support from ARMYs, their Khaki Knit set was sold out. The brand thanked fans for support and had to check its stock and reproduction due to the interest it garnered.

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The shirt and pants cost $230 USD and $240 USD respectively, with the whole set totaling about $470 USD! Despite the high price point, the items sold out quickly after Jungkook’s live stream. Of course, the price is high for a reason! The clothing sold by the brand are high quality. Jungkook also received praise for his choice of brand as F8ke Chemical Club is genderless.


| @jksfleur/Twitter

Following Jungkook’s support of the business, other K-Pop artists also began wearing their clothing. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk sported their shirts for an ELLE Korea video…

DKZ’s Jaechan sported their shirt for a Chinese magazine cover…

Wonho for Singles Magazine…

GOT7’s Jay B for his special album…

And MONSTA X’s Joohoney on M! Countdown!

F8ke Chemical Club has also been invited to Seoul Fashion Week’s trade show as a vendor this year. Well done for helping yet another small business! He’s not called the sold-out king for nothing.