Supermarket Restocks Teazen And Adds BTS’s Jungkook To Staff Booklet

“Sold Out King” Jungkook’s influence!

An ARMY shared pictures at a Hong Kong supermarket, revealing the store has had a massive restock of Korean tea brand Teazen.

Hong Kong supermarket’s Teazen stand | @prodK0YA/Twitter

BTS‘s Jungkook‘s influence had previously sold out stores worldwide after revealing his love for the brand’s lemon kombucha. In China especially, its sales had increased up to 1800%! Jungkook himself even couldn’t find the drink anymore.

Jungkook talking about the kombucha during VLIVE | confidenceatitsfinest/Tumblr & BTS/VLIVE

According to Lex (@prodK0YA on Twitter), the supermarket opened a new store because of “sudden extreme demand due to a K-Pop star.” When she asked who it was, they showed her a picture of Jungkook in the staff booklet with an explanation of how he talked about the drink during his live broadcast.

Lex also shared that the large Teazen stand has a sign, advertising it as the famously sold-out product loved by “Korea’s super famous godly group.”

Check out more about the famous kombucha below:

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Source: @prodK0YA and Image (1) and (2)