BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Invented His New Catchphrase On Live TV

The boys will never let this go. 😂

During a recent news segment, the members of BTS appeared to discuss their current music and future plans. However, something memorable happened to Jungkook!

He revealed the atmosphere of the interview was lighthearted, thanks to the news anchor…

…so when he was asked about BTS’s future music, he didn’t hesitate to give a meme-worthy answer!

Unable to spill the top secret plans, they moved on from the question.

However, he left everyone with a memorable line!

We don’t know!

— Jungkook

The adorable phrase became an inside joke between the members…

…and every question is worthy of the hilarious answer!

Jungkook, what’s your name? ‘I don’t know!’


Along with the hand motion, the new catchphrase is complete! It can be used when bypassing any question. Try it out for yourself next time you can’t spill a secret!

Check out the full interview below.