BTS’s Jungkook Got Caught In A Lie On Camera, Years After He Fibbed

He can no longer deny this truth, thanks to ARMY.

Jungkook has, as the song says, been “caught in a lie” on camera!

When it comes to BTS, ARMYs have photographic memories. They can recall hundreds of video clips and photos at will to provide “evidence” in any given situation.

So, when this top trending “JiKook” photo went viral, ARMYs immediately remembered a Jungkook fancam that was taken years ago.

At a fan sign, Jimin outed Jungkook as a cuddler. “Everyone,” he said. “Jungkook hugs me when he sleeps.” 

Jungkook denied this. “He’s saying weird things,” he said.

When Jimin asked if Jungkook doesn’t like it, he said no!

Well, clearly that’s a lie. Jimin knows the truth, and now so does everybody else!

Check out the incriminating “evidence” here: