BTS’s Jungkook Chose The Members He Enjoys Teasing The Most

Here’s his official ranking.

If teasing your friends was a paid job, BTS‘s Jungkook would be the wealthiest employee!

The Golden Maknae loves to play around. He never misses an opportunity to pester his members, entertaining fans around the world with his antics.

Which members does he feel the happiest “bullying”? At a fan sign, a fan asked this question, and Jungkook gave his honest answer.

Instead of ranking his members from one to six, Jungkook chose J-HopeJimin, and V as his #1 favorites to tease.

Jin was ranked #2.

Wait a minute. What about RM or Suga?

When the fan asked Jungkook why he didn’t rank these two hyungs, the fan says he gave her a “you have got to be joking” look!

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