ARMY’s Heartwarming Surprise For BTS Almost Made Jungkook Cry

Their unexpected performance touched his heart.

It’s been a long time since BTS last performed for fans in person. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to delay the group’s tour plans, but BTS and ARMY are finding ways to stay together from afar.

Recently, BTS performed “Life Goes On” on their KBS special, Let’s BTS. This song from BE is all about living life in the “new normal” while looking forward to a post-pandemic future.

Halfway through the performance, ARMY surprised BTS by appearing on screen and singing along to the song.

Jungkook was shocked and amazed to hear their voices…

…and the touching act ended up making him feel emotional.

After the song ended, Jungkook said to his members, “I almost cried.” 

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