BTS Jungkook’s Sweet Dog Bam Has Netizens Changing Their Opinions On Dobermans

His personality is winning people over!

BTS Jungkook‘s adorable new dog, Bam (also known as Bahm), has netizens reconsidering their previous beliefs about Dobermans thanks to how dang loveable he is!

Ever since Jungkook first revealed Bam to fans in the second season of BTS In The Soop, fans have been obsessed with how cute his dog is — and also how well Bam matches Jungkook!

While the breed’s large appearance had people expecting Bam to be confident and cool, he’s actually just as affectionate towards his owner as Jungkook is to him. He’s constantly seen following Jungkook around and playing with him!

Bam also gets super excited especially when Jungkook appears! Thanks to his long tail, his happiness is even more obvious as his tail wags constantly.

There’s a stereotype that Dobermans are tough due to their athletic appearance, but Bam totally proves that stigma wrong with how friendly he is to the BTS members.

Dobermans are also known to be an intelligent breed, and Bam is definitely smart — though he adorably shows curiosity too!

He loves running around with the members…

… but also can lay down peacefully when the time is right.

Bam also doesn’t bark often, no matter how much he plays around. The few times fans have heard Bam bark has been when Jungkook teased him from behind a glass door…

… and when Bam cheered for Jungkook after he sang — or perhaps he was even singing along!

Netizens gushed over how adorable Bam is and revealed how seeing Bam on BTS In The Soop helped change their understanding of the Doberman breed.

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  • “160. Bam is so cute T-T I can’t believe I’m in love with a Doberman… I fell in love after I saw Bam do the doggy dance.
  • “161. SO FRICKIN’ CUTE T_T He’s JUST like his dad. So gentle, so playful, so in love with his uncles. THEY’RE BOTH PUPPIES.”
  • “162. I find the way he acts super adorable. He’s such a sweet puppy, I want to see more of Bam.”
  • “163. Bam is SUCH a sweetheart T-T”
  • “164. Jeon Bam is f*cking adorable T____T”
  • “165. I’ve always found Dobermans to be charismatic AF but… he’s f*cking adorable.”

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Meet Bam: Jungkook’s Adorable Dog And The Newest Star Of “In The SOOP”

Source: theqoo