BTS’s Jungkook Can’t Help Doing This When He Gets Drunk

Drunk Jungkook doesn’t follow Sober Jungkook’s rules.

One of the side effects of drinking alcohol is the loss of inhibitions, and BTS‘s Jungkook revealed what happens when he loses his.


Sober Jungkook has amazing discipline and self-control, as proved by his on-stage performances and off-stage athletic hobbies, like boxing. Drunk Jungkook, on the other hand, has his weaknesses.


In a recent live broadcast with ARMY, Jungkook discussed his eating habits and appearance. He said he loves to eat, but eating well ends up making his face appear “chubby” in photo shoots.


To give his face a sharper appearance he desires, Sober Jungkook has been trying to skip dinner lately. The problem is, Drunk Jungkook ain’t having none of that!


When Jungkook is under the influence, he can’t stop himself from eating. In fact, he calls up room service to order some of this, that, some more of this, and — oh wait! — that too.


Jungkook’s confession makes him even more adorable than he already is. ARMYs love him no matter what he eats or how he looks, so if Drunk Jungkook wants a snack, they’re all for it! Check out some of his favourite food here.

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