This “Euphoria” Tattoo Inspired By BTS’s Jungkook Has Gone Viral

This Korean tattooist has captured the music video’s vibe in a beautiful way.

A Korean tattooist has immortalized a moment from BTS‘s “Euphoria” music video in a unique way.

Saegeem is a talented tattooist known for recreating iconic moments from pop culture. Her miniature vignettes, like this one of Vincent Van Gogh‘s Starry Night, have earned her a strong fan following on Instagram.

Saegeem has tattooed everything from famous paintings…

…to animated classics…


…with impressive attention to detail.

On January 9, Saegeem shared a special BTS-themed tattoo in honor of “Jungkook Day”. The tattoo is based off a moment in “Euphoria”. In it, Jungkook spreads his arms open wide while standing in the back of a pickup truck.

Netizens loved this beautiful skills, praised her art skills.



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