Here’s Why Fans Of BTS’s Jungkook Refer To FILA As “God FILA”

It’s hard to disagree with this logic!

BTS‘s Jungkook has officially earned FILA a brand new title!


For FILA’s latest collection “Create Your Winter,” Jungkook’s individual video captures his stunning visuals in a romantic, wintertime setting.


Many of FILA’s videos of the maknae earn praise from ARMYs who think the graceful filming style and gentle atmosphere always do him justice!


Hence, the nickname “God FILA” was created by fans who can’t stop swooning over all of Jungkook’s FILA ads.


One of his best looks includes his pure and ethereal styling in a minimal setting.


The gorgeous close-up shots let his natural beauty stand out!




Additionally, his masculine, sporty look was praised by fans for bringing out his charismatic side.


Specifically, his cool accessories and sharp jawline caught ARMY’s eyes.

Showing off his edgy eyebrow piercing, he served boyfriend material vibes in his hoodie.




Regardless of which photoshoot is your all-time favorite, Jungkook always looks his best thanks to “God FILA!”


Check out his latest video for “Create Your Winter” below!

Source: TheQoo