BTS’s Jungkook Shows “The Set Up Vs. The Shot” When Recording His Fellow Members

Here’s the before and after!

During BTS‘s “Winter Package,” Jungkook recorded footage of his members for his “G.C.F in Helsinki” vlog.

When Jimin and Jin got into a “fight” for some solo time with Jungkook’s camera, he captured the whole tussle on camera!

The whole thing became even funnier when J-Hope made an appearance to steal the spotlight…

…and was dragged into the mix himself!

However, on Jungkook’s professional camera, the “fight” suddenly becomes all kinds of epic.

From the quick cuts to the slow motion, Jungkook is a true pro at making the scene look like it’s straight from a movie!

Similarly, what may seem like a normal day with RM

…suddenly becomes a magical moment saved in time, thanks to Jungkook’s camera.

Check out his full final product below.