Jungkook’s Grandma Is “Selfie Goals,” But BTS’s Dads REALLY Need Help

This granny is just as “golden” as her grandson.

BTS‘s Jungkook is amazing at everything he does, and it seems that “golden” genes run in the family!


On April 16, BTS’s J-HopeJimin, and hosted a post-concert live broadcast where they discussed everything from Las Vegas to TMIs. Jungkook joined in after a sparring session with his boxing coach.

Left to right: Jungkoook, J-Hope, Jimin, and V.

When the time came to snap a group photo, the members talked about how their parents usually take photos. J-Hope started by demonstrating his dad’s selfie style: low angles. “My dad answers video calls this way,” Jimin added.

Then Jimin imitated his own dad’s photo technique. “We can only see the eyes of people behind him,” he said, laughing.

Jungkook’s grandma, on the other hand, is skilled at selfies. “My grandma is very good at taking selfies,” he said. “She has her own vibes.” 

Jimin thinks her texting, however, could use some work!

Well, when was it? I think it was her birthday. I sent this long message. I visited her, and I asked, ‘Grandma, did you see the text message I sent?’ Then she said that she didn’t even know I’d sent a message to her. She checked and found it. She doesn’t know how to check messages.

— Jimin

Luckily, BTS’s less tech-savvy family members can count on these experts for help!