BTS Jungkook’s Hilarious Impression Of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Originally Came From Another Boy Group Member

The agent of chaos himself…

BTS member Jungkook‘s most recent Weverse live was full of chaotic moments from start to finish.

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

The BTS maknae suddenly started the livestream at 7 AM, revealing that he had pulled an all-nighter. In the following hour, he entertained ARMYs with his silly antics, from sharing his ghost-hunting stories to talking about his favorite content on the internet.

At one point during the stream, Jungkook unexpectedly started mimicking BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, sending himself into a laughing fit. The singer then explained that his intention was not to disrespect the artist because he is a fan, and he was just imitating another comedian who recently went viral in South Korea.

The original mimicry was actually from a bit done by comedian Choi Ji Yong as part of a longer skit where he was portraying Ragon, a caricature based on G-Dragon. Another famous comedian, Kim Hae Jun, played the role of Taeyangin, a parody of Taeyang. In the specific clip, Choi was reciting the nursery rhyme “My School Bell Rings” while mimicking G-Dragon.

Jungkook, being a fan of the comedians, was showing his admiration for Choi and his impeccable comic timing. But this particular mimicry did not originate from Choi and Kim’s skit. It was started by another second-generation boy group member in 2021!

The idol in question is none other than Minhyuk from BTOB. In August 2021, the singer appeared on the MBC program The Masked Singer. During one of the encore moments on the show, he said he would do a G-Dragon impression, and that’s how the meme was born!

Once again, the chaos traces itself back to BTOB, but at this point, the count is lost.