BTS’s Jungkook Was Once Asked Which Hyung Is The Easiest To “Mess With,” Here’s How He Responded

The hyungs decided to tease Jungkook a bit!

While BTS‘s Jungkook often jokes around with his hyungs, he loves them dearly.

In an interview, Jungkook was asked which hyung is the “easiest to bully,” and he gave a sweet answer.

BTS’s Jungkook

When Jungkook got asked this question, he “hesitated” to answer since it would make it seem as if he was the “maknae on top.”

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The hyungs decided to be playful and told Jungkook to speak informally to them, but Jungkook denied it. Jungkook soon jokingly answered the question, as he jokingly said that “Taehyung (V‘s real name)” was the “easiest to bully.” After giving this playful answer, Jungkook said that he was joking.

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Jungkook then heartwarmingly said that all his hyungs take care of him well and that none of them are “easy to bully.”

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While Jungkook gave a heartwarming answer, the hyungs continued to be playful and said they’re “little brothers” to Jungkook.

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Here’s the full video below!