BTS’s Jungkook Hyung Tried To Become A Part Of TXT’s Team

He needs a little more practice, but Taehyun wouldn’t mind helping him.

As the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook was more than ready to have younger brothers to look after. When TXT came into the picture, they were exactly what he’d been waiting for.


The heartwarming way he looked at them during the Melon Music Awards says it all. There was something else he wanted, though.

When TXT stepped on stage to accept their award, the first thing they did was their team greeting. Seeing them do it, Jungkook wanted to be a part of the team too. Throwing up his hands, he tried to copy their hand gesture. After some thought, he wasn’t satisfied he had it right.

After taking a break to clap, Jungkook gave it another try. Moving his thumb out of the way and back again, he tried to figure out how they’d did it. J-Hope was curious about what was going on, sneaking a peek at Jungkook.

By now, J-Hope was even a bit interested, watching to see if he’d eventually figure it out. Jungkook was more unsure than when he’d started, flipping his hands all over the place.

No matter what way he positioned his fingers, he just couldn’t seem to figure it out. He was so invested in it that he didn’t pay attention to anything else around him.

In the end, Jungkook did get pretty close. The only thing off was his X in the middle. It was hilariously long on the left side.

If he’d asked his biggest fan Taehyun how to do the gesture, he wouldn’t have hesitated to give Jungkook a hand.


Imagine Jungkook hyung standing with TXT as they all did the greeting together. That would be a moment to remember. Watch Jungkook cutely try it out for himself here.