TXT’s Taehyun Reveals His Changed Perception Of BTS’s Jungkook

Taehyun was on the outside looking in before; now he sees him in a whole new light.

In less than a year of debuting in Korea, TXT have set their sights on breaking into Japan. In a recent interview for Japanese magazine Non-No to do so, they opened up about who they respected and admired most.


If you know Taehyun, there was only one person that could hold such an honorable title to him.

To no one’s surprise, he selected BTS‘s Jungkook, the only person Taehyun would make an adorable banner for and hold up for everyone to see. As he’s grown closer to him, he stated that Jungkook is a sunbae who has the ability to do anything. This caused Taehyun’s perception of him to shift, making him respect and admire him more. Here’s why.

Even though Jungkook can achieve anything he puts his mind to, Taehyun knows that it’s far more complicated than it seems. He realizes that Jungkook must put a massive amount of effort into accomplishing those achievements. Because of this, Taehyun respects him more than he ever had before.

Taehyun was a Jungkook fan before he made his own debut as an idol. Having experienced both sides of being a fanboy and working to stand on that same stage, it makes sense that he would have an improved perception of Jungkook that he wouldn’t have had before.

Not only can “Jungkook hyung” inspire others by being himself, but all the effort he puts into everything he does doesn’t go unnoticed.