TXT’s Taehyun Holding Up A Banner For BTS’s Jungkook At Their Concert Is Relatable AF

Look no further: the ultimate Jungkook fanboy is right here.

When meeting up with BTS in the past, TXT‘s Taehyun was exposed by RM for being a total Jungkook fanboy.

Taehyun didn’t need help though because he ended up exposing himself during BTS’s concert in Chicago.

During Jungkook’s solo stage for “Euphoria”, Taehyun took his phone and changed the message on his banner.

He changed it to read “Jungkook ❤️” and proudly held it as he watched Jungkook slay his solo, especially enjoying the part where he flies in the air.

Taehyun can’t hide how big of a fan he is. Check out the sweet moment here.