BTS’s RM Exposed TXT’s Taehyun As A True Jungkook Fanboy

RM tells the story of how he found out about Taehyun’s fanboy love for Jungkook.

Pro tip: If you don’t want your fanboy crush exposed, don’t let RM find out about it!


On June 27, Mnet released the first episode of ONE DREAM.TXT, a reality program that gives a behind-the-scenes look at TXT during their 30-day showcase tour in the US. In Episode 1,  TXT meets up with BTS for a backstage chat at M Countdown. 


TXT’s members were all very nervous to see their seniors, but nobody was stressing out more than Taehyun. RM brought up a story that made his ears turn bright red!


RM told everyone how he and Taehyun had exchanged phone numbers. While doing this, RM had seen Taehyun’s Kakaotalk profile history and spotted more than ten Jungkook photos there!

Ah, this friend must be a fan of JK!

— RM


“Really?”, Jungkook said. “I’m embarrassed. What’s the reason?” RM replied by saying, “I think he really likes you”, and Jungkook sweetly thanked Taehyun for liking him.


Poor Taehyun looked ready to either die of happiness or crawl under a rock, but fans are totally loving this cute interaction!


Check out the clip here:

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