BTS’s Jungkook And J-Hope Risk It All For IKEA Meatballs…And Things Get Chaotic

They didn’t expect it to end like this. 🤣

During BTS‘s Season 1 of Bon Voyage, J-Hope and Jungkook went on a mission to find dinner that ended with a hilarious twist that neither of them saw coming!

| Weverse

They didn’t want just anything: They were on the hunt for IKEA meatballs, and getting to IKEA proved to be more difficult than they anticipated.

From long bus rides to long lines, they overcame every obstacle that held them back from reaching their delicious dinner.

Who knew getting a tasty meal was so much effort?

However, when the time finally came, all of their worries washed away and it was time to eat!

…Or not. Photo time always comes first!

The pictures came out flawless…

…and the meal absolutely hit the spot!

Let’s show off to the other guys [with our pictures].

— J-Hope

One last twist came at the end when they were trying to leave: Jungkook set off the alarm by pressing the emergency exit!

Apologetic, the boys eventually found the way out thanks to the help of the employee.

Check out the hilarious situation below!