That Time BTS’s Jungkook Couldn’t Make Jimin Mad…No Matter How Hard He Tried

Annoying brother mode: ON.

Jungkook and Jimin have a special bond that grows stronger with each passing year. They’re the best of friends…and the best at pushing each other’s buttons!

Jungkook (left) and Jimin (right).

Want to get on Jimin’s hit list? Sometimes all it takes is a mic and some well-timed beatboxing.

Other times, all you have to do is choose food over Jimin’s schedule.

Over the years, Jungkook has become an expert at testing his hyung‘s patience, but despite his best efforts, Jungkook couldn’t make Jimin snap the one time he needed him to snap!

In Episode 10 of Run BTS!, Jungkook confessed to being Episode 7’s “spy.” Although he carried out his missions without his BTS members catching on, not all of his missions were successful.


Jungkook failed to make Jimin say the words, “please, stop it”…but not for lack of trying.

Jungkook pulled out all the “annoying little brother” stops. He tried bouncing Jimin like a baby…

…moving Jimin’s headrest, and tugging his hair.

Jungkook pulled back Jimin’s seat…

…messed up his fringe…

…and chased him with a sprayer before finally giving up.

That day, Jimin was happy to let his “little brother” get away with everything!