This Is How BTS’s Jin And Jungkook Goof Off On Set During A Commercial

This duo. 🤣

When BTS‘s Jin and Jungkook are left together, chaos ensues.

The oldest and youngest member acted together during BTS’s Bodyfriend commercial and caused so much behind-the-scenes hilarity, the staff couldn’t help but capture it on camera.

The editors labeled every step of the Jinkook madness. First, they repeatedly sing “J-Hope” to annoy their fellow commercial costar.

Next, they grab each other’s hands and have some sort of strength competition…or something.

Then, they continue to annoy each other with pointing hand gestures and find it equally hilarious.

Lastly, they play an interesting round of Rock-Paper-Scissors Minus 1 where their hands, feet, and anything else they can find helps lead them to victory.

These two are just too much fun to be around!

Watch the full behind-the-scenes footage from the commercial below.