BTS’s Jungkook And Jin Hilariously Imitate Everything J-Hope Does, And J-Hope’s Reaction Is Too Pure

Poor Hobi! ๐Ÿคฃ

BTS‘s Jungkook and Jin are professionals at goofing around between takes, and things get even funnier when they recruit J-Hope into their hilarious antics!

BTS’s Jin, Jungkook, and J-Hope | BIGHIT Music

Jungkook and Jin decided to play a game during their downtime where they would imitate everything J-Hope does…

…and J-Hope totally ran with it! Doing some funny dances, he found it hilarious when the members copied him move for move.

When J-Hope laughed too hard, he complained he hurt his stomach. Jungkook and Jin took even this as an opportunity to copy him.

However, J-Hope’s purity shined through when he asked an innocent question — and fans found it so adorable!

Are you really hurt?

— J-Hope

Confirming they were still copying him, Jungkook and Jin repeated his question — and even copied the fist he was ready to throw!

When the three boys of the “mischievous” line are together, they always get into mayhem!

| BIGHIT Music

Check out the full clip below!