ARMYs Notice BTS’s Jungkook and Jin Can’t Stop Goofing Off In The Background Of Videos

Only these two would do this. 😂

BTS‘s Jin and Jungkook have perfect chemistry that often gets them involved in crazy situations.

As the oldest and youngest members, they have a special bond that’s hard to find.

Jin’s hyper and fun personality makes him fit right in with the maknae line…

…while Jungkook’s maknae-on-top behavior makes him unafraid to mess with the oldest!

However, ARMYs have recently noticed one of their favorite ways to play (and it’s not massages!).

If you pay close attention to the background of BTS’s videos, Jungkook and Jin can often be seen doing this hilarious game — if you can call it that.

There’s no real objective besides being active and having fun while on set…

…so it’s the perfect activity for the pair to pass the time!

Jinkook’s chemistry is too precious. Just try not to be jealous!