BTS’s Jungkook, Jin, And Suga Say It’s “Not Any Fun” To Perform Without ARMY

They revealed their honest thoughts in a live broadcast.

When BTS hits the stage, they give it their all, but performing isn’t nearly as fun for the members if ARMY’s not there cheering them on.

In response to the rapid spread of Corona19 (COVID-19), South Korean music shows are filming their programs without a live audience. Although these safety precautions are necessary, they’re beginning to take a toll on idols and fans alike.

In the waiting room for M Countdown, JungkookJin, and Suga, went live with ARMY before going on stage. Suga compared performing without ARMY to receiving a disappointing donut with no filling in it.

Without ARMY, BTS’s stages are more “subdued”.

Usually, the members feed off their audience’s energy to raise the tension in their performances.

For one of their recent music show stages, approximately four staff members made up the audience. That’s a far cry from the thousands of fans BTS usually entertains!

Even though this situation isn’t ideal, Jungkook says BTS will continue to do their best to put on enjoyable performances for the ARMYs who are watching them from home.

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