BTS’s Jungkook Owns The Blueprint For “Melo-Vibes”, According To Korean Netizens

Someone please just cast him for a drama already.

BTS‘s golden maknae has always been known as a visual, but Korean netizens have been seeing him in a new light of late. With his innocent, round features, pale skin and sparkly eyes, Koreans have been calling him the king of “melo-vibes”. Referring to visuals that look the right balance of emotional, delicate and innocent, Jungkook looks like he stepped out of your latest youth drama.

“Melo-vibes” are when someone looks exactly like the perfect leading actor in a romantic drama. Usually characterized by beguiling looks and gentle eyes, Son Ye Jin‘s legendary days are an example often quoted by Koreans.

| theqoo

According to netizens, his emotional and soft singing voice only enhances the vibes.

The way his nose reddens when he cries amplifies his beauty.

Korean netizens are absolutely taken with how Jungkook makes every scene look like a drama!

Even when he is on stage, it looks exactly like a scene from a movie.

Jungkook’s “melo-vibes” exude just the right amount of manly charm and delicate sensibilities.

Whatever he does is heart-fluttering!

His eyes are so perfect for melo-vibes

— Netizen

His gaze is exactly that of how a male lead in a drama gazes at the female lead.

— Netizen   

There are jewels in his eyes.

— Netizen 

It seems like his soft gaze and sparkly eyes have made him the blueprint for “melo-vibes” according to Korean netizens!

At only 23 years old internationally, Jungkook has much of his future ahead of him! Perhaps we’ll be seeing him in a Korean drama soon. Actor Jungkook, anyone?              

Source: theqoo