BTS Jungkook’s Kissing Habit Is Leaving ARMYs “Jungshook”

Jungkook started doing this years ago, but fans hope he’ll never stop.

Jungkook has countless quirks that BTS fans know and love, but there’s one habit in particular that flutters ARMYs’ hearts every single time: his kissing habit.


When ARMYs think “kissing habit”, Jin is the member most likely to come to mind. Jin has become famous for blowing kisses to fans in the most theatrical way possible.


Jungkook’s kissing habit is just as iconic and adorable though. He loves to show affection by kissing fans through the camera!


Jungkook started doing this years ago…


…but ARMYs hope he’ll never stop! Whenever Jungkook approaches the camera, ARMYs’ hearts start pounding…


…and no matter what they do…


…they’re just never prepared for this! Jungkook isn’t the only member with this cute habit though.


loves showering ARMY with kisses just as much as the maknae does!


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